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Online learning tends to satisfy the needs of individuals who may have busier schedules and work full-time jobs. Students can take a course whenever and wherever. Traditional learning provides a fuller college experience, such as living in a dormitory and having greater access to resources and professors. Both methods have different learning formats. Online courses focus on asynchronous activities, which means that students can choose a specific time and place to complete an assignment. This may require more self-orientation and discipline from the student. Traditional education focuses on synchronous activities which take place in a definite place and specific time, such as a classroom.

Some colleges may offer a blended education that features both online coursework and in-person learning. Instructors may require students to meet once a week for lectures while assigning projects for them to complete on their own time. In essence, you get the best of both worlds — the freedom to thrive in a self-learning environment and frequent face-to-face contact.

However, if you decide that the freedom and flexibility of getting an online degree is too good to pass up, be assured that you’ll enjoy a host of benefits. Here are 10 of the best:

  1. Reduced Costs
    An online education offers affordability compared to living on campus or commuting. By eschewing those options, you’ll save on the cost of campus housing, fuel and parking passes or public transportation.
  2. Convenience
    When you have the option for education at your fingertips, online courses are a no-brainer. Log in from anywhere, whether it’s the comfort of your home, your workplace or a coffee shop. If you travel frequently but still want to continue your education, online learning may be the better option.
  3. Flexibility

Students can balance family and work commitments through the ease of online learning. You can work with your schedule instead of around it as required by traditional learning. Students can prioritize their time, work at their own pace and even change careers while working full time.

  1. Networking Opportunities

Online learning gives you the opportunity to connect with students and other peers in your class, across the nation and even across continents. You can collaborate and share insights on assignments and projects. Communication options between instructors and classmates in online classes include:

  • Email
  • Instant messaging
  • Videoconferencing
  • Message boards
  • Chatrooms
  1. Variety of Programs and Courses

Online learning offers a breadth of programs and concentrations compared to conventional campus learning, including the opportunity to take classes offered by colleges and universities around the world. Since instructors don’t need to be in a particular geographical area, opportunities are further expanded. 

  1. Avoid Commuting

Avoid driving in rush hour and wasting time trying to find parking. Your only commute is a short walk to your laptop. Classes are less likely to be canceled, too.

  1. Career Advancement

If you’re trying to grow professionally and move up the corporate ladder, online learning can provide you with the skills and know-how you need. And you won’t have to take time off from work to attend class.

  1. Faster Completion

Some online degree programs do not require students to take electives. This can save time and money by eliminating classes you may not be interested in, while allowing you to focus on your chosen field of study.

  1. Study Anytime

Since course material is always available online, students can study at their convenience. Hop online anytime to access course material or join virtual study groups. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can choose the best time to review your notes. Study on the fly by listening to a lecture on your drive to work or taking a practice test while preparing dinner. 

  1. Fewer Distractions

How does studying in your pajamas sound? Learn from the comfort of your bed, couch or backyard lounge chair. It can be difficult to focus in a classroom full of students. Online learning can eliminate unnecessary distractions and boost your concentration.

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