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Online Associate Degree Programs

Online Associate Degree Programs

Generations College, located in the heart of Chicago, offers several online associate degree programs. In fact, it has never been easier to earn an accredited online associate degree from the comfort of your home — on your own time frame.

Students who want to earn an associate of science degree online can choose from several exciting online associate programs through Generations College — a well-established, private junior college. Available two-year degrees online include Business Administration, Court Reporting and Criminal Justice. 

If you are looking for an online school for an associate degree, Generations College should be your community college of choice. Those who complete an online degree program study the same curricula as on-campus students, without attending in-person classes. Plus, online courses are led by dedicated educators who have deep, hands-on experience in the subjects they teach. In addition, all students have access to our volunteer and enrichment opportunities, student services, clubs and organizations.

Students who have earned college credits may transfer all or partial credit(s) toward one of Generations College’s online associate of science degree programs. Whether you are beginning a college career or have a few classes under your belt, you deserve to discover all that Generations College has to offer.

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The Online Business Administration program educates students in the fundamental concepts, techniques and skills necessary to excel in various global business-related fields. Students receive a foundation in Business Studies including entrepreneurship, accounting, management, marketing, global business and economics. Many graduates of the Business Administration program at Generations College continue their education at four-year institutions. Upon graduation students are prepared to enter fields such as human resources, marketing, retail management, and business management. We are always looking to advance our students, and that is why our Business program offers a number of pathway specializations for in-demand careers in the business field.

Court reporting has long been a popular college major, preparing students to join the workforce in a career that plays a key role in judicial proceedings, or in one of many other exciting job opportunities outside the courtroom. Generations College in Chicago is proud to offer a new Associate of Applied Science in Court Reporting degree program, offered entirely online.

Generations College’s Online Paralegal Studies Program offers students the flexibility to pursue a career in law without the constraints of the traditional on-campus program. Through a combination of interactive virtual classrooms, multimedia resources, and real-world case studies, students gain comprehensive knowledge of legal principles, research methods, and procedural practices essential for the field. This dynamic learning environment fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills crucial for success in legal settings.

Generations College’s Online Criminal Justice Program can open doors to a number of career options in law enforcement. This is a new degree program for busy adults interested in working as police officers, correction officers, probation officers, security guards or even as detectives or fraud investigators. Online students will cover the same material as students in the on-campus program. Expectations and course goals are the same, too. People who understand the criminal justice system are always in demand. At Generations College, we strive to give students every resource and tool they need to succeed in the criminal justice industry.

For more information about our programs or about earning an associate of science degree online, call Generations Admissions at 312-922-1884, or email

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