How To Select A College Based On Your Desired Major
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How To Select A College Based On Your Desired Major

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Choosing a college is an important decision. After all, chances are good that you will spend a significant amount of time there over the next few years and make a financial investment in your future. What’s the best way to choose a college?

Some students make the mistake of selecting a college simply because their best friend is attending the school. Others pick a school just because it is close to home or they think the price tag is attractive. While you should certainly consider schools’ locations and costs, there’s another key factor you should arguably put above all others — your intended major.

Your major is the reason you’re going to college in the first place. It only makes sense to be deliberate about picking a college that has a strong program and reputation for educating students in that major field.

Evaluating Colleges’ Strengths in Your Intended Major

Looking closely at how a potential college choice stacks up against the competition takes some effort, but the results can be well worth your time. Here are tips and factors to consider as you evaluate colleges:

  1. Do some initial research. You can get a lot of information about colleges online today. Start by visiting the college’s official website to explore the school and its major offerings in its own words. Then, look at general search engine results as well as third-party sites that rank and score colleges on various criteria.
  2. Explore requirements. Make sure the major you are considering concentrates on what you want. Can you commit to meeting program requirements? When you have narrowed your college search to just a few schools, evaluate their curriculum goals, number of credit hours needed to obtain your degree, and graduate placement data. Consider also whether you meet any prerequisites for the major course of study.
  3. Talk to people. Your next step should be asking for information and feedback from people who know the school you are contemplating first-hand: current students, alumni and professors at the school. Colleges you are considering should be willing to put you in touch with such resources if you ask for them, so don’t be shy. If you are in high school, career counselors can provide invaluable insight into different college options. College admissions offices also have a wealth of information to share with prospective students, to help them make informed decisions.

Is Generations College Right for You? Explore Our Majors

Even if a potential college checks all of your other requirements, you likely won’t get the education or experience you deserve if that school does not offer your intended major. You may end up settling for a different course of study rather than chasing your dreams.

The right school for your neighbor, best friend or significant other might not be the best fit for you. That’s why you owe it to yourself to choose a school that offers and specializes in your intended major. To explore the degree programs available through Generations College in Chicago, contact us today for more information.