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What Can You Do With A Two-Year Degree?

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Having a college degree on your resume can be a major asset, as it shows potential employers you have the drive and commitment needed to reach that educational milestone. A degree in your chosen field can also serve to assure employers that you understand key concepts and have gained valuable skills necessary for a successful career.

When you are considering going to college, you will need to decide whether to pursue a two-year or a four-year degree. You may be surprised to learn just how worthwhile a two-year degree can be.

Understanding Associate Degree Requirements and Opportunities

What is an associate degree? An undergraduate degree is a degree program you can pursue after high school. Most associate degree programs are designed to be completed within two years. These degree options are intended to provide college students with relevant knowledge and technical skills they can apply in their fields right away, enabling graduates to join and contribute to the workforce quickly. Some people choose to continue their educations after earning associate degrees, applying the credits they earned toward the completion of related bachelor’s degrees.

To earn an associate degree, you will need to complete a certain number of credit hours, as established by the college you select. Generally, expect to complete around 60 credit hours (approximately 20 courses) to graduate with your associate degree, compared to around 120 credits for a bachelor’s degree.

Many people considering furthering their educations after high school ask themselves, “What degree can you earn from a two-year college?” After all, a degree in a field that doesn’t interest you or for which you feel options are limited would likely not be worth your time and efforts.

The good news is, there are ample associate degree options, in a variety of exciting fields. You could pursue an Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Applied Arts (AAA), Associate of Applied Business (AAB) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in nearly any field that interests you.

Discover the Financial Benefits of Getting a College Degree

The next question many potential students have relates to how valuable an associate degree is. In other words, is a two-year degree worth anything?

Yes! The potential benefits of earning a college degree are not limited to four-year degree-holders. For a motivated adult in search of good paying jobs with a two-year degree, there are many options and potential benefits. Having an associate degree can qualify you for better-paying career opportunities and open doors for potential jobs that simply are not available to people without college educations.

According to 2019 data, the median weekly earnings for associate degree-holders was $887 per week, compared to $746 per week for those with only high school diplomas. That difference can really add up over the course of a career.

By completing a degree program in two years rather than four, you can enter the workforce quickly and start putting your education to work. This also means the cost of obtaining the degree is usually significantly lower than it is for most bachelor’s degree options.

There Are Many Careers That Only Require a Two-Year Degree 

If you are wondering what types of jobs you could get with a two-year degree, the answer is all kinds:

  • Health care: For those interested in health care, some possible careers with an associate degree include working as a registered nurse, radiation therapist, cardiovascular technician or dental hygienist — to name a few.
  • Business: Many people choose to go into careers in the business world. An associate degree can get you a job in human resources or business administrative or management roles. You could also work as a paralegal or court reporter, or choose a career path in criminal justice.
  • Technology: Specialized associate degrees could also prepare you to work as a computer technician, programmer or support specialist, as a graphic designer, or as a web developer, among other roles.
  • Education: You could also earn an associate degree related to education, helping you qualify for roles such as an assistant teacher, a child care worker, preschool teacher and more. 

Explore Earning Your Two-Year Degree Through Generations College

Generations College — located in the heart of Chicago — offers a variety of exciting associate degree programs. They include business administration, paralegal studies, criminal justice and court reporting. Generations students can choose from traditional on-campus learning opportunities as well as online degree programs

With online learning options, students can complete their degrees from the comfort of their homes — making it easier for motivated students to pursue their educational goals while meeting and managing other priorities and obligations.

Are you ready to learn more about the potential benefits of pursuing an associate degree, and to explore all Generations College has to offer? Contact us to learn more about our two-year degree program offerings. Then, when you’re ready to take the next step, register for classes and start working toward your future career.