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Flexibility of Online Learning

Monday, May 23, 2022

Completing college courses outside of the traditional classroom setting is not a new idea. In fact, decades ago, students were able to take “correspondence” courses, learning at their own pace and mailing assignments to professors for grading.

As technological capabilities have improved over the years, online learning has become an increasingly popular option in higher education settings. Most colleges now offer options for students to complete courses online, although the degree to which schools have adopted these programs varies.

While there are several reasons for this increase in popularity, the flexibility of online learning is one of the top reasons many students choose this model.

Earn Your Degree on Your Terms

The flexibility of online education is about more than simply completing courses using a computer or tablet. When you choose an online learning environment, you may experience flexibility in some (or all) of the following forms:

  1. Complete your courses from (almost) anywhere: When you opt for an online-learning environment, you are no longer forced to choose a local college. Instead, you can choose the school that best fits your needs and goals, whether it is across town or across the country. You can complete your college coursework from the comfort of your home, or virtually anywhere that has Internet access.
  2. Revisit course materials as often as needed: Online learning also means that if you didn’t understand something in a course lecture, you can revisit it as often as you want. This can enhance your experience, helping you better understand and retain information.
  3. You choose the timing that works for you: In addition to choosing where you complete your online college coursework, you can also choose when to complete it. For some students, “typical” daytime schedules work well, but that is not the case for many online learners. When you choose online courses, you can complete your work at midnight, 6:00 a.m. or any other time that works with your schedule.
  4. Go at your own pace: Another way online courses offer flexibility is in the pacing. You can complete coursework as quickly as you are able, which may allow you to earn your degree faster than you could in a traditional campus setting. Many online students also appreciate having access to courses when they want to take them, without having to wait for the course to be offered again every other semester on campus.
  5. Continue to meet your other obligations: Online learning also offers tremendous flexibility for busy adults with other commitments. Many students who choose online college classes find they are still able to work full-time schedules, raise children and meet other obligations while making continuous progress toward earning their college degrees.

Succeeding in an Online-Learning Environment

While there is enormous flexibility in online learning, adjusting to learning outside of the traditional classroom setting can also pose challenges for students. A little bit of self-discipline can go a long way, as can taking advantage of opportunities for help.

Time Management

The most successful online learners are those who can prioritize their time and commitments. Staying on top of course materials and assignments — and pacing work based on other obligations — puts students in charge of their time and schedules.

Leverage Resources

As an online learner, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Whether that involves asking a fellow student or the instructor for help understanding course materials or asking for help with the technology aspects of online courses, advocating for your needs can help you make the most of an online education.

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