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The Generations Experience

Generations College works to sustain an active, engaged, and socially aware student body that is closely connected to the College as well as to the surrounding community. Throughout the school year, dates for upcoming and current food and clothing drives are posted so students, faculty and staff can participate in these wonderful opportunities to help those less fortunate. You can find out more about our outreach and engagement opportunities here.

GC seeks to make its student experience fun, challenging, and memorable. To do this the administration encourages students to become involved in a club or organization at the College and utilize the Center for Academic, Personal and Professional Excellence (CAPPE).

Students are always participating in events coordinated by the Student Affairs Department and CAPPE, including Chicago Cubs games, Blackhawks games, holiday parties, and volunteer projects. Opportunities for both on- and off-campus volunteering efforts are always available at the College and unify the study body to work together toward a common goal.

Every student-run club also organizes their own events and fundraising opportunities so the options for students to be involved are endless!