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CAPPE Student Success Center

CAPPE Student Success Center

Center for Academic, Personal and Professional Excellence

The Center for Academic Personal and Professional Excellence (CAPPE) Student Success Center is an innovative, five- pronged program dedicated to complete student success at Generations. It was on the essential idea of serving the whole student that Chancellor Alexis was inspired to create a center that encapsulates and enriches the student experience; empowers each individual to grow and continue to learn; prepares each student to enter the workforce and become vibrant members of the community; and progresses every Generations student through graduation.

Generations College CAPPE Student Success Center

This learning center fosters all students from every background, and offers various platforms to enable their successful personal and professional development. CAPPE has five broad divisions founded on the development of the whole student, from acceptance to Generations through maturation into their chosen career and matriculation into the workforce. The five areas are focused on: Student Engagement; Tutoring and Mentoring; Career, Personal & Professional Development; Health and Wellness; and Civic Engagement, and each offer support to students through professional and personal seminars, education and personal enrichment. CAPPE fosters a student-focused success center that offers innovative, holistic programming and services, enriching the student experience and empowering students to graduate and excel in the workforce.

Since its launch in February of 2014, CAPPE has provided an all-encompassing solution to the gap between students’ goals and their performance and it has been more than a learning center. What sets CAPPE apart from other two- and four-year colleges is its integration of elements commonly kept separate in its five branches, and throughout the year students will see CAPPE constantly evolve and change its activities to meet their needs. If you are interested in more information regarding CAPPE events, please contact Director Dr. Kenya Grooms.

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