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Career Services

Career Services

Generations College is committed to helping our students and alumni succeed in the workplace. The Center for Academic Personal and Professional Excellence (CAPPE) prepares students for the career you want by providing resume and cover letter writing resources, editing services, mock interviews, and general job search strategy tips through the Career and Professional Development branch. Seminars regarding dining etiquette, work and interview attire, and much more are offered throughout each semester as well as resume building workshops for each program. Students are encouraged to participate in these highly beneficial activities to assist in their job-search efforts.

Generations College career services also include tailored guidance designed to help students explore various career paths. In this way, students have the opportunity to learn more about industries and roles, prerequisites and other job requirements, and typical salary expectations. Armed with this knowledge, students can be more confident about entering the workforce after graduation. Students who are already employed in their chosen fields can also work with their Chicago career services counselor to discuss opportunities for career advancement.

Enrolled students who choose to work with CAPPE benefit from a variety of resources for professional networking with alumni and other industry professionals in the greater Chicago area. Networking can be an invaluable way to explore possible career opportunities and identify potential mentors.

The career center also provides general career counseling advice and offers online resources to assist students with customized career planning in several areas of interest, including paralegal studiesbusiness administrationcourt reporting and criminal justice.

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