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Business Administration Careers

Business Administration Careers

To enter and succeed in the business administration career path, professionals must understand the fundamentals of ethical business practices. This includes having a working knowledge of, and skills in such areas as finance, business accounting, marketing, human resource management, technology and economic principles.

Business administration roles vary widely, but often include working in an office or retail setting, managing some part — or even all — of an organization’s day-to-day operations. Some business administration careers are specialized while others are generalist roles. Generations College’s Business Administration degree program prepares students for a variety of exciting and rewarding business administration careers.


When you earn an Associate of Science degree in Business Administration from Generations College, you will be well-prepared for your career — whatever business administration career path you choose. Your specific business administration job description will likely vary somewhat from those described below, but this list of potential careers represents the most common paths for degree-holders:

  • Administrative assistant: Administrative assistants typically perform routine clerical duties, ensuring departments and business lines run smoothly. Graduates who choose to work as administrative assistants can earn a comfortable living, which is one of the reasons this career choice is among the most popular business administration roles. The average 2019 associate degree in business administration salary for administrative assistants in the U.S. was $39,850 per year.
  • Office manager: Office managers are responsible for making sure one or more assigned office locations run smoothly, managing day-to-day tasks. Office managers often supervise administrative assistants, book travel, organize meetings, manage databases, maintain office supplies and technology, work with third-party vendors and suppliers, provide status reports to company leaders periodically, and handle other responsibilities that help the company meet its goals. 
  • Store manager: Your business administration job description could also be titled “store manager.” Specific daily responsibilities for store managers depend to a certain extent on the type of establishment being managed. Typically, though, store managers are responsible for the hiring and performance management process, scheduling and training employees, setting sales targets, advertising and marketing, client service, and managing store inventory and financials.
  • Executive assistant: If you choose to take a role as an executive assistant, your business administration job description will look a lot like the description for an administrative assistant. Executive assistants perform many of the same responsibilities. However, rather than supporting a specific company department, an executive assistant provides day-to-day support for one or more company executives. In addition to handling clerical responsibilities, executive assistants sometimes take on training roles, managing calls and emails for executives, client interaction, document preparation, and scheduling appointments and meetings.
  • Legal office assistant: You could also put your business administration education and skills to work in a legal office, working as a legal office assistant. This type of role provides support to attorneys and paralegals, helping organize documents, records and databases — as well as handling administrative responsibilities including client service and communications, preparing drafts of contracts and pleadings, managing billing and accounts receivable, scheduling meetings, managing court calendars, and more.
  • Entrepreneur: Business administration careers do not always mean you have to work for someone else! Some graduates decide to go into business for themselves, either starting and building companies from the ground up or buying and running an existing business. Earning your business administration degree provides a well-rounded education — offering the skills, knowledge and resources needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.


As you can see, business administration associate degree jobs offer variety in responsibilities. When pursuing and earning your Associate of Science degree in Business Administration from Generations College, you will have a versatile degree that can take you in multiple directions, depending on your interests and goals. Ultimately, you can be confident you will graduate with the skills needed to succeed.

Students enrolled in our Business Administration program — whether on-campus or online — benefit from small class sizes; learn core business concepts; and are able to hone their general skills such as communication, information technology, critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Graduates can choose to enter the workforce right away or apply their coursework toward a four-year degree under transfer agreements that Generations has with many well-known, four-year institutions. These include Loyola University Chicago, DePaul University and Roosevelt University.

At Generations College in Chicago, we have a long history of excellence in education, since 1904. Simply put, we are committed to our students’ success in and out of the classroom. We are dedicated to diversity, and encourage students and graduates alike to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners. 

Community college courses are taught by experienced faculty who have expertise in the subjects they teach. They bring real-world examples and opportunities for students to apply what they are learning in a hands-on environment. 

Ready to learn more and to take the first step toward your future career in business administration? Contact us for more information or apply online today.

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