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Everett Stone

During my time at Generations, I took two other programs besides Court Reporting because once I got to Generations, I realized that they had a very strong business department and it’s a fact that a lot of court reporters do go on to start their own firms and agencies. As a result, I thought this would be a great foundation because one day I want to have my own firm. I was able to fit in all three programs in the space of two years by prioritizing and being organized. There were times when I would be on the train during my 40 minute ride and I would do the bulk of my homework to free up a little bit of time to spend on my machine practicing.

I currently work as a digital court reporter at a domestic courthouse downtown. As a digital court reporter, I electronically record the court proceedings to later be transcribed. I enjoy my job as a digital court reporter because of the independence. I like being able to work alone and at my own pace; I like being in the courtroom and hearing peoples’ lives unfold in front of me. I think it’s an important job because we are the ones taking down the court record.

The person that inspired me to become a court reporter is my mother. She has been a court reporter for 35 years, and as a result I have known court reporting my whole life. She has been nailing it to me for years and finally I took the challenge and became a court reporter. I came to Generations College because it’s the first court reporting college in the nation. The reputation is huge. It is known as the Harvard of court reporting colleges so it was a no-brainer for me to come here. My experience studying at Generations was great. The teachers, how much they care and how experienced they are, truly makes the difference. They are working in the field they are teaching and that is what grabbed my attention and made me take note. That real-world experience mixed with their desire to see me excel made me want to push that much harder.

The advice I would give somebody thinking of studying at Generations College is just to do it. It’s a great school, they give you everything that you need to complete the program but the program can be tough. Court reporting is a tough field, but if you stay determined and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything in life.

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