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Official Name Change to Generations College

Chicago, IL – March 10, 2022

The oldest, two-year, private non-profit institution in the state of Illinois, has announced today that it will change its name to Generations College. The new name reflects the institution’s legacy across multiple generations, long history of access and diversity, and commitment to empowering the success of its students and faculty. 

“We’re delighted to share our new name which has a deep-rooted meaning,” said school Chancellor, Dr. Grace Alexis. “For over a century, the college has profoundly impacted the lives of a multitude of people from ‘the greatest generation’ at the start of the century to today’s ‘Gen-Z’ population. Generations College, our new name, truly represents the scale of students we have nurtured and trained, who have gone on to effectively change their own communities for the better.” 

Founded in 1904, the Chicago-based educator provides a range of online and campus-based degrees in business and legal programs that include, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, and Court Reporting. Its nationally recognized and award-winning degree programs prepare graduates to transition to four-year institutions or enter the workforce, with a 95% placement rate. Additionally, through its acclaimed Center for Academic, Personal, and Professional Excellence, Generations provides students with resources and holistic support at every level to empower their success, which is evidenced by its standing as the nation’s premier college that offers tuition-free scholarships to single parents.

“When we think about the future at Generations, it’s with an eye to graduate students and empower them with the knowledge base and skills needed by the workforce and their communities with the greater goal of impacting generations to come, added Dr. Grace Alexis. “Our commitment to passing affordable, quality education to a society still being built and defined around us will ensure the continuity of the college’s legacy beginning with our exciting new name change to Generations College.”

A new logo and website reflecting the name change have been revealed. For more information about Generations College and its programs, visit  


About Generations College

Founded in 1904, Generations College has been committed to providing its diverse student population with an exceptional education, while building students’ self-confidence and encouraging lifelong learning. The College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and holds numerous program approvals by certified national agencies. It is the oldest, two-year, private, non-profit institution, in the state of Illinois. Effective December 1, 2021, the college has assumed the name of Generations College. For more information, visit

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