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Government Paralegal

Interested in being a part of government, helping enact and enforce laws and regulations, and affecting your community for the better? You may want to consider a career as a government paralegal. Also known as a government legal assistant, this legal aide can work in any type of federal, state or local government law office.

A government paralegal job description will depend on the type of office you work in, but typically it involves working on court cases, investigations and other legal matters in government settings under the supervision of licensed attorneys. This job may include working for state’s attorneys and public defenders for various states, as well as working for federal prosecutors’ and defenders’ offices, among other types of work.

Education and Career

Interested in government paralegal jobs? To pursue this type of career, you’ll have to become a paralegal first. Most government entities require a paralegal to have obtained a two-year degree in paralegal studies from a college with a program that has been approved by the American Bar Association. If you have already attained a degree in another field, you may be able to complete a paralegal certificate program to quality for work in a government entity.

A paralegal training program typically includes courses covering civil law, civil procedure, criminal law, criminal procedure, legal ethics, and legal research and writing, among other topics. Government legal assistants must be computer-savvy as they use a variety of online tools to conduct research, prepare documents, and file documents and pleadings.

Typical Responsibilities 

What does a government paralegal do? Responsibilities range depending on the nature of your role and the government entity you work for, but typically government legal assistants:

  • Conduct client and witness interviews
  • Research case law and statutes
  • Conduct written discovery
  • Research and write legal pleadings
  • File and track legal pleadings
  • Organize discovery documents and evidence
  • Prepare exhibits for trials and appeals
  • Track and manage trial and filing calendars

A Satisfying Career for Qualified Paralegals

Government paralegals often enjoy the satisfaction that comes from researching, investigating and assisting the attorneys who supervise them. Many like being part of a system larger than themselves, playing a role in making the world a better place through their work.

The average government paralegal salary will depend on the type of government entity the person works for, the type of work done, and the person’s experience. As of 2020, the median wage for all paralegals was $52,920.

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[Note that paralegals may only provide legal services to the public as permitted by law and may not practice law independently.]

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