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De'Meco Deanes

Business Administration '14

I went to Generations on my dad's recommendation. My aunt is actually a court reporter so they both knew about the school. My dad did his research and saw that it was small and an opportunity for me to be nurtured before going off to a four-year institution. I didn’t choose Generations, Generations chose me. I am now studying Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University in New York.

I loved my time at Generations. Generations’s small size is its best asset as professors can get to know their students personally. While I was at Generations, I was part of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at a neighboring school. Professors would ask me what I was going to do in the future, and what schools I was thinking of transferring to. ROTC offers scholarships and that’s how I am paying for Cornell now - through the military. When I graduate, I will serve four years in the Army as my commitment to them paying for my schooling.

From the Generations administration to the teachers, they are all very helpful, encouraging and very nurturing. I had taken some time away from school and Generations allowed me to come into my own, and made me very comfortable in my own skin as a student and as a person. I got a lot of knowledge from the president and the other professors. From being given a leadership position to head up the Student Government Association, speaking at the annual Learn 2 Laugh fundraiser at the Laugh Factory, to meeting Stedman Graham after he gave a presentation at the school, I was given the opportunity to grow. Generations is like a family. Whenever I come through the doors, I am always greeted warmly and I always enter and leave with a smile.

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