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Ghaffar Gbenro

Paralegal Studies

What are your ambitions?

I want to become a paralegal specializing in civil litigation. Lately, I have been considering attending law school to become an attorney after gaining experience in the field. It is not uncommon for a paralegal to work in a certain area of the law, learn about it, and see whether they like it or not. They may end up switching to a different area of the law, or just moving around and seeing what they prefer. I want to get a sense of what I like before jumping into anything further.

Why are you interested in civil litigation in particular?

It involves a lot of hard work, and I am a very hard worker. There are different procedures that you have to follow, but not necessarily every mold will fit the same case. In a way, there is a lot of problem-solving involved. Law is something you have always had an interest in.

Has Generations cemented your desire to become a paralegal?

Yes, especially in my Legal Research and Writing classes - undertaking legal research, and also working with Professor David Grassi has opened my eyes to all the different aspects of what paralegals do, what kind of work they can do, how you can branch off into different areas. It has just been really interesting learning about the role of paralegals. My professors have been a great - from resume writing to advice on what sort of jobs I should be looking for. The staff, as a whole, have been great to me.

Why did you choose Generations?

I chose to study Paralegal Studies at Generations because the program is approved by the American Bar Association, it has been around a long time, and I heard a lot of good things about it. A former student recommended the school to me.

What have you enjoyed most about MaCormac College?

I enjoy the open office hours at the school. It gives me the ability to just go and talk to my teachers. I’m also able to contact them through email, and get a response back very quickly. That has been one of the highlights that I have had at the school. I also work during the day, and the evening classes are very helpful to me. I did not have to change a lot in my life. I eased into school. I found a program which fits around my schedule.

What you recommend prospective students to attend Generations?

I definitely would. I have been enjoying my time here. The environment allows a student to thrive.

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