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Jesus Solorio

Business Administration and Entrepreneurship '15

I graduated from the Business Administration and Entrepreneurship Program in the summer of 2015 and I am currently the Outreach Coordinator for the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois. What I enjoyed the most was that the professors actually had experience in their field and I found that to be extremely valuable. They were able to teach from the textbooks and bring in their own experience that would allow me to better understand the material. That is one of the biggest reasons why I would recommend Generations College because of the individualized attention and the experience of the professors.

I really love the environment at Generations. It is very supportive, not only from professors but also from financial aid to the administration, so I found the environment here to be very welcoming. The location was one of the biggest things that attracted me to Generations. It’s in downtown Chicago so I was able to access the school through public transportation. In regards to the classes, I really enjoyed all of the classes I took from the program from Human Resources to Business Writing. One of the classes I really enjoyed was Business Plan Development. I was able to create a business plan and go step-by- step and actually gather all the information that was required for the business plan. The class was taught by a professor was extensive business experience and that is what I found to be one of my most interesting classes here.

I currently work as the liaison to the Lieutenant Governor’s office, so whenever there is a concern or an issue, constituents would come to me and I would relay the message to the Lieutenant Governor. Issues can vary from agriculture concerns to different issues that there might be in the business community. I am definitely going to be involved at Generations now that I’m a graduate.

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