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Layli Phillips

CART and Captioning / Court Reporting '94

Layli Phillips graduated from Generations College in 1994 with her degree in Court Reporting and soon after graduating passed her license exam. She worked for a while as a court reporter, then life happened and she had to leave the profession for a few years. Two years ago Layli contacted Generations for help sharpening her skills so that she could take the license exam and once again work as a Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR). Generations provided practice materials, guidance, and moral support. She passed her exam on the first try and is now back in the field of reporting and very happy about it. Layli is excited about branching out into CART work and loves the challenge. Layli says, "Generations provided a solid education and continuing support many years after graduation to give me the confidence to take the chance to try new ways of applying court reporting skills."

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