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  1. Student ID card — Your student ID typically will be issued during freshman orientation on your first day of college. If you’ve received it before then, bring it along since it’s a good idea to always have it with you. Instructors might check student ID cards when collecting assignments or tests.
  2. Class schedule — Don’t aimlessly wander around campus trying to remember what class is next. Have your class schedule readily available by taking a picture of it and setting it as your phone’s home screen.
  3. Pens and pencils — A writing instrument is one of the most important and basic things you need for college classes. By storing a few pens and pencils in your backpack, you’ll always be prepared to take notes. And offering a pen to a nearby classmate can be an easy way to make a new friend.
  4. Notebooks — Always have paper available for in-class assignments, pop quizzes and notes. Even if you prefer to take notes on your laptop, it’s still a good idea to have backup supplies in case your battery runs out or your professor doesn’t allow computers during class.
  5. Planner — Your instructor might assign homework the first day of school. A planner can help you keep track of assignments, due dates and school supplies you may need.
  6. Course syllabus — No first day is complete without a detailed reading of the class syllabus. If your professor emailed it before the start of class, make sure to read it and bring it with you! That way, you’ll already be familiar with grading policies, rules for behavior, class expectations, dates of exams, contact information and other vital information you may need during the semester.
  7. Laptop — A laptop makes for convenient note-taking during lectures or Internet surfing during lengthy breaks between classes. Use it to check your school email, watch a favorite TV show or research an assignment.
  8. Thermos® and/or reusable water bottle — If you’re a commuter, an insulated beverage bottle can come in handy and keep your morning beverages hot for an unthinkable amount of time. That steaming cup of java or tea can help you stay alert through your professor’s monotonous reading of the syllabus. But be sure to also bring a reusable water bottle to help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

No matter what your major or class schedule, these first-day essentials can set you up for a great school year ahead. Generations College is committed to providing the best programs, student life and educational experience — especially for freshmen. To learn more about our online degree and certificate programs, contact us today.

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