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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


Generations College is a private, nonprofit, institution whose mission is to provide a transformative educational experience to its diverse student body in an environment that promotes learning and encourages, empowers, and nurtures the well-being of the whole person. Our comprehensive academic programs challenge students to excel in their academic and career pursuits and prepare students to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens in a global society, and equips students to make a contribution to future generations.*


Affirming and building upon its over one century-old heritage, Generations College will be nationally recognized for its faithful commitment to student success, an emphasis on building economic and social mobility pathways for students, and empowering students to reach their full potential through its specialized academic programs and innovative support systems. Generations College will emerge as a leader in the two-year private college sector by:  

Recruiting, retaining, and graduating students who desire a higher quality of life through the pursuit of exceptional academic, professional, and personal development training designed to prepare students for today’s ever-changing world.  

Amending programs and expanding course offerings to address changes in the job market and to ensure students are provided with cutting-edge educational methodologies. 

Sustaining an active, engaged, and socially aware student body that shows empathy and concern for the welfare of others and continuously gives back to their community thereby impacting society in a transformative way.

Building a highly qualified faculty and administration committed to academic excellence and a student-centered approach to education.


We honor our shared values by holding ourselves and each other accountable to:

  • A dedication to student success
  • A commitment to academic excellence
  • The practice of service to humanity 
  • The promotion of leadership and collaboration
  • A respect for diversity
*Updated as of November 2021

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