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When in college, it is normal to feel intimidated by your professors. After all, they are teaching because they are experts in their fields. Because of this feeling of intimidation, some students’ interaction with their instructors is limited to the required time they spend in the classroom, and not a minute more.

However, there are several compelling reasons you should make an effort to get to know your professors. In fact, most college professors want their students to reach out by email or in person during scheduled office hours. Consider these potential benefits of actively getting to know your teachers:

  • Enjoy your time in the classroom. Let’s face it, going to class and taking exams are probably not your favorite things to do. When you get to know your professors a little better, it actually makes your time in college more enjoyable.
  • Better chance of success with your coursework. When you know more than just your professor’s name, you’ll feel more comfortable participating in class. This, in turn, can mean you retain more of what you’re learning, help with your homework assignments, and ultimately help prepare you to do well on exams.
  • Networking help. College professors can be a valuable resource when it’s time to look for internship or externship opportunities in your community, as well as when you’re ready to start working in your field after graduation. If you have established a positive relationship with your professors during college, it will be easier to ask them (and they’ll be more willing) to connect you with key people in your chosen industry.
  • Letters of recommendation. Similarly, professors are often approached about writing letters of recommendation or serving as references for students who are applying for jobs or need written recommendations for advanced degree work. When your professors know you, it will be easier for you to ask — and you will have a better chance of having your instructors say “yes” to your request for a letter.
  • Source of information and advice. Your college professors know a thing or two about the subjects they teach. In most cases, instructors are passionate about those topics and have spent their lives learning about their chosen field. When you get to know your teachers, you’ll likely gain from their insight and wisdom, and can glean tips and tricks that can, in turn, help you succeed after you graduate.

If you make an effort to reach out to and interact with your college professors, your college experience will likely be a richer one. Take advantage of your instructors’ posted office hours, reach out with questions, and take an active role in your success. Being on time to class, turning in assignments on time and keeping the lines of communication open can help foster a positive student/professor relationship.

At Generations College in Chicago, our instructors are eager to help prepare students for careers after college, and they welcome having the opportunity to get to know their students, too. To check out the exciting on-campus and online associate degree programs we offer and to explore becoming part of the Generations College community, contact us online or call us at (312) 922-1884 today.

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