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Friday, July 1, 2022

An associate degree in business administration can pave the way for a long and rewarding career in nearly any field. That’s because this type of degree teaches students about business fundamentals like management, marketing, technology, human resources, and accounting — concepts that are applicable in companies of all sizes and across industry lines.

Earning a college degree the traditional way by attending scheduled courses on a college campus, however, can be a struggle for many busy adults who are also managing work and family responsibilities. Fortunately, there is another option. Earning a business administration online associate degree offers the same business-focused instruction with added flexibility, as well as several other potential benefits you may not have considered.


If you are already working full time or are balancing parenting or other family obligations with work, the idea of completing a college degree may seem unattainable. Completing your business studies online is another way to gain the same educational benefits without what is sometimes seen as the rigidity or inflexibility of earning a college degree in a traditional, on-campus environment.

  1. Earn your degree at home on your own schedule: For many students, the flexibility of online education is the most compelling reason to choose an online business administration degree program. With online learning, there is no need to change work schedules to accommodate class schedules. Instead, students can complete coursework when it works best for them — whether that’s at noon or at midnight. Studying business administration online also means there is no need to commute to a college campus. Instead, you can earn your degree from home — or from virtually anywhere in the world — with an internet connection.
  2. Flexibility doesn’t mean sacrificing quality: Earning an online business degree from a reputable college means that you will study the same material taught by the same skilled faculty as those students who choose to pursue traditional, on-campus business administration degrees. When accrediting organizations review college programs, both online and on-campus offerings are assessed against the same set of rigorous academic standards. That means you can be confident you are not earning a “lesser” degree when you choose to take your education online.
  3. Online business degrees are cost effective: The cost of earning a college degree has risen dramatically over the years. Earning an online business associate degree offers a more affordable alternative. Cost savings come both from tuition and fees, which are typically lower than the cost of studying business on campus at a four-year institution, and from reduced expenses resulting from the online course format. Students enrolled in online programs do not need to live on campus or commute back and forth from home. In addition, many online students are eligible for financial aid, which can help make their educational goals even more attainable.
  4. Open the door to new career opportunities: As previously mentioned, online business administration degrees provide tremendous flexibility for graduates. Your business administration associate degree will prepare you to work in a variety of exciting and lucrative careers in the public or private sectors. Online degree seekers have numerous opportunities to connect and collaborate with their peers, as well as with faculty and with business professionals in their communities. Taking advantage of networking opportunities can further enhance your post-college career prospects.
  5. Take your career to new heights faster: Instead of spending four or more years earning a college degree in business, you could complete your online associate degree in business administration in about two years. That means you can enter the career force as a college-degree holder faster. If you are already working, earning your associate degree can pave the way for promotions and career advancement as it shows your current and prospective employers you are committed and focused.


You have goals for your future. Generations College can help. With five accredited online degree programs, including an Online Business Administration associate degree, Generations College offers a high-quality education focused on student outcomes. To learn more, contact us or apply online today!